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About The "Mini Shop" Yorkshire Terrier kennel

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Dear Friends!

Russia is the country, where the pure dog breeding has its century-old history, the country who created absolutely special culture to reach the high results in any breed sometimes by using very modest means.

yorkshire terrier

It's still in our memory the breeding of the dogs in the Soviet period, which is the bright example of this culture: foreign contact at that time were of great difficulty and the prices for the pure breed puppies were hardly available for the Soviet people. Nevertheless the rare trips of Soviet dog-amateurs with their dogs for the foreign dog shows, usually, already that time, were resulting with triumph, although these dogs were the results of the breeding work built, with rare exceptions, on the native base. The pure bred dogs coming sometimes to the USSR from abroad were of not very high quality, but even those dogs, being used in breeding only because of the new bloods often gave the progeny the rate higher than themselves - so clever was their breeding.

Today, when Russia entered the FCI and our dogs became the often participants and winners on the International, European and World Dog Shows, everybody is speaking about the sudden talent of Russian breeders. But there is nothing unexpected in this talent.

Anna Babaeva. Mini Shop Yorkshire Terrier kennel

And this is true, as the Russian people famous for their achievements in science and culture were reaching the highest results in their job, because they were put by the life in the difficult conditions with such limits, when only the most deepest investigation in the subject and the most delicate intuition could held this way the way the skills were turning to be a talent.

The example of ANNA BABAEVA is brightly illustrating this idea.

Only ten ears ago, started with Yorkies, for the very shot period she came out on the high international level, winning on the prestige shows.

By the beauty and charm her small dogs, always showing their shining show condition, full of  pride and not suspecting about their miniature size, she carried many dog-amateurs with this breed-pearl. Her name is well-know and respectable between the most famous breeders of this breed in the world.

I am truly happy, that ANNA BABAEVA had this site and hope, his visitors will find everything the most important from them about the Yorkshire Terriers.

E. Erusalimmsky
FCI All-breeds Judge



"MINI SHOP" kennel
Anna Babaeva
Owner, Breeder, Handler

Russia, Moscow.

tel. 8.916. 656-51-42


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